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All positions to Staff New                           West St Louis
Transportation Department                           County, MO

After more than 40 years operating with a contracted transportation program, the Rockwood School District in West St. Louis County had made the decision to continue into the future with a district-operated transportation system.

The announcement has already been made to contractor's staff, and the Drivers and Monitors have been offered the first opportunity to apply for positions as district employees.    In addition to Drivers and Monitors, the District will be looking to fill positions of     

    - Transportation Clerk (1)                    -   Location Managers (2)      

    -  Router (1)                                        -  Mechanics / Technicians (7)    

    -  Dispatchers (2)                                 -  Safety Manager (1)  

    -  Shop Manager (1)             

For a link to Rockwood School District's Human Resources Department, and more information about these positions, click HERE  


(Posted 3/11/2016. This posting will remain until all positions are filled)










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